We are an international company of architects, designers and interior designers who specialize in a wide range of commercial, residential and public projects.

Architecture Design

Mk Architects design old and new private projects, residences, stores, offices, industrial places, schools, landscape and more. They insuing permits, design, construct and undertake costing, supervision and site surveillance.


Our team is composed of experienced engineers who design buildings, furnitures and special structures, big or small, interior or exterior; turnkey projects

Sustainable Design

We respect human and nature when designing. We are always up to date for new technologies used and we use natural materials to reduce energy consumption and cost.


We have conquer the Air BNB platform and carry out with the design, the construction and the conversion of residences to Air BNB use. We do the styling and photo shooting and arrange consulting seminar to owner.

Issuance of licence – Permits

Issuance of licence is required almost for every work in a property. Our team is responsible to put through all permit procedures along with the full package of studies required (architecture, structure and mechanical).

Legalizations / Arbitrary Certificates

Our engineers issue arbitary certificates and take over the legalization of a property and the preparation of the necessary drawings.

Engineer Certificates

Our engineer issue certificates for every property transfer.

Energy Certificates

Our engineer issue certificates for every property transfer, renting and participation in subsidy programs.

Subsidy Program

The subsidy programs are available in specific periods throughout the year. We undertake the full processing of a dossier for joining them.


The talented team of Mk Architects provide consulting services for your property, old or new. They evaluate the space and the use, they create costing plans and give you valuable advices.